Steve A. Doria
Software Engineer
Objective A software engineer position in an organization interested in developing quality software components within costs and on time
Summary Software engineer skilled in the design, implementation, and maintenance of software components that are targeted at multiple platforms
  • C / C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • x86 Assembly
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • TCP/IP Sockets
  • Win32 API
  • .NET Framework
  • OpenGL
  • Direct3D
  • GNU/Linux
  • OpenBSD
  • Microsoft Windows
  • SoftICE
  • MySQL
Experience Nov 2013 - Present
Sr. Software Engineer
El Segundo, CA
  • Improve existing software components while maintaining stability of production code.

Aug 2011 - Oct 2013
Software Engineer
El Segundo, CA
  • Improve existing functions while maintaining stability of production code.

Jan 2007 - Jun 2011
Software Engineer
EmbedICs, LLC - El Segundo, CA
  • Design, document, and implement software components for use in firmware of security ASICs
  • Test and validate firmware for custom peripheral hardware components with proprietary xUnit-like unit testing framework
  • Encourage the adoption of CMMI Level 2 and 3 practices
  • Perform responsibilities of Build Manager role for IBM Synergy, including coordination of artifact conflict resolution, baseline creation

Dec 2005 - Jan 2007
Software Engineer
Los Angeles, CA
  • Requirements Acquisition and Analysis
  • Software Component Design
  • Oversee Software Implementation, Integration, and Testing

Jul 2004 - Dec 2005
Software Engineer / IT Administrator
Infosearch Media - Marina del Rey, CA
  • Network Administration
  • Data Security as well as Disaster Recovery Planning and Preparation
  • Engineer and Develop Web Applications

Feb 2003 - Feb 2004
Software Quality Assurance
Acro Service Corporation - Pasadena, CA
  • Perform functional and regression testing on software intended for different systems
  • Fully document procedures to reproduce discovered software faults
  • Member of multiple teams that had their projects certified for compliance by game console manufacturers on their first submissions

Jul 1999 - Sep 1999
Intern - Network Administrator
Digital Broadcasting OVS - Santa Ana, CA
  • Establish network topology and computing policies in a startup environment
  • Configure and maintain Cisco ATM Switches and WaveLan radios
  • Deploy and maintain Tru64 Unix and Windows NT on DEC AlphaServers

Education 1998 - 2002   University of California, Irvine
B.S. in Information & Computer Science with a specialization in Networks and Distributed Systems