Fall Quarter 1998
Introduction to Computer Science I
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Gender and Feminism

Winter Quarter 1999
Introduction to Computer Science II
Boolean Algebra / Logic
Reproducing and Resisting Inequality

Spring Quarter 1999
Fundamental Data Structures
Introduction to Computer Organization
Linear Algebra
Gender and Popular Culture

Fall Quarter 1999
Introduction to Software Engineering
Differential Calculus
Expository Writing

Winter Quarter 2000
Digital Logic Design
Integral Calculus
Argument and Research
Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

Spring 2000
Software Tools and Methods
Programming Languages
Infinite Series / 3D Geometry
Brain and Behavior

Fall 2000
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Japanese Fundamentals I
Life Sciences I

Winter 2001
Compilers and Interpreters
Computer Networks
Japanese Fundamentals II
Life Sciences II

Spring Quarter 2001
Computer System Architectures
Principles of Operating Systems
Technical Writing
Japanese Fundamentals III

Fall Quarter 2001
Advanced Computer Networks
Logic Design Lab
Numerical Analysis
Intermediate Japanese I

Winter Quarter 2002
Project in Operating Systems
Social Analysis of Computerization
Linear Programming
Intermediate Japanese II

Spring Quarter 2002
Software Architecture and Distributed Systems
Nonlinear Programming
Intermediate Japanese III