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Checkers implemented with Java2SDK [v1.4.2_04]
Written by Steve A. Doria

This applet demonstrates the minimax search algorithm with alpha-beta pruning. The player's pieces are red, and the computer's are black. The primary mouse button is used to select a piece. The secondary mouse button cancels the selection. After a piece is selected, the user selects a square and the piece is moved.

This applet complies with the rules for tourneyment Checkers, which can be easily found on the Internet. Both players are forced to capture their opponent's pieces at every opportunity. A loss occurs when a player is unable to make a move. This includes times when a player has no remaining pieces or when all pieces are blocked and prevented from moving.

The applet and application require the appropriate Java Runtime Environment. This applet is also available as a Java application: CheckersApp.jar